CCR Tech

Leading technological solutions for
infrastructure and construction projects.

Optimised for Efficiency

Advanced digital solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

CCR Tech

Leading technological solutions for infrastructure and construction projects.

Optimised for Efficiency

Advanced digital solutions to improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

Partnering for success

We have established strategic partnerships that include Alice, Autodesk Solutions, and Cupix, which deliver cutting-edge technological solutions that connect workflows, teams, and data through the entire project lifecycle. These partnerships enable us to provide a more holistic approach to support your project’s ecosystem inclusive of risk mitigation, program and project control, procurement, and commercial and contract management to drive efficiencies across your projects.

CCR Tech Mission

Our objective is to provide solutions that digitally modernise traditional engineering and construction techniques to expedite project completion, mitigate risk, and optimise profitability for our clients and partners.


Successful construction and engineering projects require advanced and industry-leading digital systems.

Visually model your future projects utilising state of the art digital technology, enabling you to set the path for an efficient delivery prior to physical commencement to project handover.

CCR Tech can support you in your software implementation strategy, including artificial intelligence, cloud-based, data management, and 3D modelling solutions, designed to enhance efficiency. We review our clients’ existing processes and systems, identify gaps, and strategically select software packages based on each client’s needs, and provide ongoing support, guidance, and training.


CCR Tech provides a range of technical services for the construction,engineering and mining sectors. Our solutions are offered and collaboratively implemented by a diversely talented team of design engineers, forensic planners, and other technical professionals.

Our technical experts can assist you in understanding and overcoming your technological roadblocks. Our teams can map out your project delivery, track its progress against timeframes, and identify opportunities for enhanced productivity and risk mitigation. We can deploy a range of technical resources from our pool of industry experts to augment our clients’ teams as the situation demands.


Alice incorporates AI to benefit the client through mitigating risk while cutting costs. It develops customised work-based schedules during preconstruction and helps recoup off schedule and over-budget projects.


This technology is well-known for its ability to simulate numerous building strategies in minutes, resulting in cost savings and faster project completion while optimising every available resource. Since the technology is parametric, any changes will immediately be reflected throughout the schedule.

Digitising construction methods is one of Alice’s most promising features. This feature aids in the transfer of crucial learning from project to project, eliminating the need for planning from scratch or manually preparing timetables.

Alice uses AI to provide you with actionable foresight, allowing you to take calculated risks with your bids and model your contingencies.



The Autodesk construction cloud helps with the development of project-specific workflows. This facilitates the rapid transfer of information between teams while ensuring that crucial data is not lost along the way.


Autodesk construction cloud features predictive insights and analytics to augment project outcomes. These components are chiefly intended to reduce risk and boost profitability.



Because of its scalable and easily deployed 3D digital twin systems, Cupix technology is the most trusted data management organisation among industry partners.


The system allows for the collection of real-time site data using a user-friendly smartphone application while managing a 360* camera. The gathered data is then distributed to witness the project’s built-world lifecycle in substantially less time.

The deployed 3D model provides the customer with a real-time virtual update on the project’s development with fewer site visits. These deployed 3D models provide multifunctional virtual inspection, annotation, and measurement of every project element.

Cupix helps remotely track the day-to-day progress by comparing two or more 3D digital twins on various dates. This technology assists in spotting costly errors before they occur, as Cupix’s spatial intelligence allows for sophisticated comparisons between as-built 3D Digital Twins and as-designed BIM models.

Through the “Cupix 3D digital twins” and annotations, which are categorised by location and time, Cupix provides a synched data trail to avoid conflicts.

Our technology partners go hand in hand with each other to give you a well-rounded game plan for your project. The technology solutions cover design verification, estimation modelling, project management, cost management, site forensic maintenance, and other aspects.