Do you suspect that you may be using outdated or inferior software systems to enhance your construction workflows? Or are you missing an opportunity and falling behind the competition by not utilising modern construction software at all?

Chances are, if you are searching for this topic, you have a niggling suspicion that your software is inadequate and not fit for purpose. Read on for more information on the signs that you could improve your software systems.

Signs that you may not be using the best software.

If any of the below dot points apply to you, you may not be using fit-for-purpose software.

  • Your construction schedules are slow and inefficient. This may become evident as they unfold or you may know it from the start, but not know how to fix the problem.
  • You are having limited bid success, or struggling to evaluate bids.
  • You are struggling to foresee the impact of various decisions on the time, cost, and risk involved in a project, which you feel is limiting your potential and creating unnecessary risk.
  • Delays occur in the construction process that you didn’t foresee.
  • Your cash flow dries up midway through the project and slows things down.
  • The staff has to undertake too many site visits, which creates a burden on staffing and leads to overwork.
  • It is difficult to stay across the status of a construction project and sometimes you feel in the dark about its progress in the particulars.
  • Disputes are occurring that you would rather avoid.
  • An unsavoury amount of rework is necessary due to unforeseen errors.
  • Humans are currently doing tasks that software could do more quickly and accurately.

Fortunately, if you are suffering from any of the above, there are digital solutions and technical resources available from your construction information technology consultant.

What to do if you suspect you have inadequate software.

If you suspect that you have inadequate software systems, the best approach will likely be to engage a construction software consultant. There are a number of reasons why it can be valuable to engage a consultant, rather than ‘going it alone’ and trying to find your own solutions.

Construction software is technically complex. It can be hard to assess how you will be able to apply it to your circumstances without receiving expert advice. Construction software experts such as Contract and Commercial Resources (CCR Tech) have significant experience in the field, have seen what works and what doesn’t, and have a practical understanding of how these technologies can be applied in your circumstances.

They will be able to identify the flaws in your current set-up, help with the technical implementation of these systems, advise on the transfer of your old systems to new ones, and provide ongoing technical support that helps you to get the most out of these technologies.

Your software consultant in the construction industry will be able to offer a range of technical resources and digital solutions to empower your performance. At CCR Tech, we can support you with the following technologies:

  • ALICE Technologies – which develops customised work-based schedules during pre-construction and helps to recoup off-schedule and over-budget projects. ALICE tech has a well-earned reputation for its ability to simulate different building strategies, allowing users to foresee outcomes, and thereby save costs and drive faster project completion.
  • AutoDesk – which supports the development of project-specific workflows and facilitates data capture and the rapid transfer of information between teams. The Autodesk Construction Cloud includes predictive insights and analytics.
  • CUPIX – which provides scalable and easily deployed 3D digital twin systems and allows real-time data to be collected via a user-friendly smartphone application. This allows real-time virtual updates on the project’s development, allowing virtual inspection, annotation, and measurement. This can reduce site visits and help with the timely detection of errors – before they occur, thanks to the ability to compare between as-built 3D digital twins and as-designed BIM models.
  • Your construction IT consultants may also be able to assist with BIM optimisation, artificial intelligence (AI) planning and scheduling, construction Power BI, and construction data capturing.

Reviewing and improving your software

If you need the support of a construction consultant who can provide solutions across a wide range of construction software and technologies, contact CCR Tech. Our team can support you to review the shortcomings in your current software setup, provide customised advice on the new systems that can help to achieve your goals, and help you to implement these new systems to the fullest effect.

For more information, contact the CCR Tech team.  You can contact our Sydney head office at 02 8316 7500, our New Zealand office at +64 2239 11570, our Western Australian Office at 08 6166 6310, our Malaysia office at +6 03 6201 0996, or our Hong Kong office at +852 2851 2528.