General-purpose technologies have no place within the operations of a business with aspirations for growth. If you are looking to improve your software assets to enhance efficiency, look to CCR Tech as a trusted industry software consultant.

Our team can identify the strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities of your existing software set-up, single out the weakest links, identify systems that are clashing or failing to integrate, and provide modern, adaptable solutions that capitalise on the potential of emerging technical tools.

We supply software including Alice, designed to use artificial intelligence to mitigate risk, increase cost-efficiencies, and recoup off-schedule or over-budget projects; Autodesk Solutions (CCR being an Autodesk Value Added Reseller), is a cloud-based tech that facilitates rapid information transfer, data security, the development of project-specific workflows, and predictive insights and analytics; and Cupix, is a data capture and management system that reduces site visits and supports virtual inspection and assessment against 3D plans.