Unnecessary time spent on a project represents money spent on wages and a lost opportunity to work across multiple projects. Although costs may be passed on to clients, clients nowadays expect an efficient service, and business success requires an efficient solution that cements your reputation and enables you to partner with a greater number of clients.

In this article, CCR Tech will explore a few ways to limit time spent on construction projects, without compromising quality. As will be shown, quality and efficiency often go hand in hand.

Ensure strong communication.

Breakdowns in communication can slow an entire project. This can happen via a number of mechanisms. If the right information is not shared in a timely manner, this can result in delays as those on the receiving end wait for an answer. If information is shared in a way that is unclear or misleading, due to systems that do not support effective communication, then those receiving the information could actually start acting on the wrong information – which may mean that the project has to backtrack later, or that energy will have been diverted in the wrong direction.

Therefore, it is essential that all modern, fully functioning construction workflows are based around strong communication. This is not built from thin air but requires the right construction technological infrastructure – from satellite phones on remote sites, to systems that allow data to be shared effectively. Nothing is more destructive to productivity than data silos. If systems are connected, then this information can be shared easily, or even automatically. Establishing a system, through a CCR Tech facilitated technology such as Autodesk Construction Cloud, that enhances visibility across your workflow, you can enhance productivity on a project, and save time.

Don’t have a person do something that can be automated

Construction technologies have come a long way from the purely human led procedures of the past. Now, a wide range of technology is available via your technology partner to support the construction process to be as efficient as possible. However, often due to a lack of technical support, take-up of these technologies has not reached all corners of the sector. Not only can it benefit your ability to function, but automation via these technologies can also sharpen your competitive edge. The full benefit of these technologies can be farmed in partnership with a technology partner, such as Commercial and Contract Resources Tech (CCR Tech).

Automation can come in many shapes and forms. For example, ALICE can enable automation by developing faster, efficient, and lower risk construction schedules, using AI to consider the most efficient procedures. Not only does this reduce the task of determining the best path to follow, but it also actually reveals this path to you, and allows you to maximise efficiency this way. This sort of two-fold benefit is common when it comes to construction tech. The potential benefits are endless.

Target time spent on travel

Travel is often undertaken in work time and represents an additional cost to the project. Therefore, it makes sense that reducing the amount of travel that is necessary can save both time and money. However, working in multiple different areas, across a vast geographical area, is often an inevitability for a construction firm that seeks to prosper and onboard diverse clientele. Of course, labourers will always be required on site, and therefore travel cannot be completely boycotted. It can, however, be limited to the essentials.

A technology partner such as CCR Tech, specialising in digital resources and technical solutions for the construction industry, can introduce you to technologies such as Cupix. This is a digital twin platform, that uses real-world data to generate simulations and enable predictivity. This tech is centred around a mobile app, that enables virtual inspections of remote sites. That is one way it reduces travel, but there are others, too. It can enable real-time progress monitoring, which reduces the risk of rework, as it can enable you to see mistakes in real time and prevent them from occurring in the first place. This then may allow more senior staff to remain remote from the site until required.

Seek opportunities to maximise your efficiency

As we have written about before, efficiency is at the core of timesaving. Modern technologies enable you to maximise the efficiency of your construction workflows. This can be by a variety of techniques – such as data capture for construction, data integration services, artificial intelligence based recommendations, rapid information transfer, predictive insights and analytics, bid recommendations and evaluations, and optioneering for construction.

For more information on how CCR Tech can help you to save valuable time on construction projects, browse our website, or contact us today. We can also support you with BIM Optimisation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Planning and Scheduling, Construction Power BI, Construction Data Capturing and Autodesk.