1. Investment in cloud-based systems

Many leading construction companies in Australia are increasingly investing in cloud-based systems and moving away from old paper-based or desktop-based document storage and data sharing. The cloud-based system is seen as the favourable way forward for a number of reasons, including:

  • Data security. Recent cybersecurity incidents have again highlighted the need to have a protected system.
  • Rapid-fire data sharing. The cloud is accessible from anywhere on any device. Hence, it makes information sharing significantly quicker and easier. It is easier to share documents and receive them when using a cloud-based system. No longer do you have to wait to log onto a desktop or laptop computer; important information can increasingly be accessed on a mobile device on the go. Hence, many companies are invested in cloud-based technologies through a technology services provider in the Australian construction sector, such as Contract and Commercial Resources Tech (CCR Tech).
  • Disaster recovery and loss prevention. Cloud-based systems often involve a backup mechanism that helps to keep your important information from being lost.
  • Automatic updates and flexibility. Being online, a cloud system can update itself, reducing administrative load and ensuring you are working on the most up-to-date possible system. Also, rather than a physical investment, it is easier to upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs as time goes on.

2. Investment in data analytics capability

Modern technologies for the construction sector, such as those provided by construction technology partner CCR Tech, can put the data at your fingertips. The tech can achieve this in multiple different ways. These include:

  • Making data gathering easier. The best analytics systems may include a portal where data can be easily inputted (for example, via a smartphone), or they may work with your other systems to extract this data automatically.
  • Making data processing easier. All data gathered within this system can subsequently be integrated and presented to the end user, providing a simple and straightforward touchpoint that visually and statistically depicts the present state of affairs. This makes it easy to make data-driven decisions in business, which are known to be the most effective.
  • Processing the data for you. Elite technology systems, such as those provided by CCR Tech, will process the data for you and ‘put it on a plate’ so to speak. They will enable your skilled statisticians to work to their very best level, and together the power to leverage analytics to your commercial advantage will be heightened to previously unknown degrees.

3. Investment in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is sought out in construction for a number of reasons, and at many different stages of the construction process including the design process, the build process, the procurement process, the financing process, and the construction process, not to mention asset management. It is for many a useful way of managing workforce shortages, while also empowering construction staff to work to the best of their ability.

Some of the benefits of leveraging artificial intelligence for your construction projects include:

  • Managing costs. Artificial intelligence is built into some optioneering platforms offered by CCR Tech, which compare and contrast your different options and project the value and the cost of any given option, allowing you to make a solid decision that manages costs and maximises benefit.
  • Work to timelines. Artificial intelligence can map out the likely timeframes of a project. This can be helpful in advance, so you can provide accurate information to those who have contracted you, so you can resource appropriately, and also so that you can reconvene projects that are running over budget and schedule.
  • Minimise risk. Artificial intelligence can help you to minimise risk, which should be the goal of any company working in the construction sector. Large projects, which are potentially the most advantageous, commonly carry greater risks. AI can be a useful tool to aid prioritisation on the site and to guide workflows to the best result.
  • Enhance productivity. AI in the construction sector can show you where you are lagging behind, and where you could improve your workforce or enhance your efficiency. It can detect gaps and make recommendations for improvement.

Partnering with a construction technology services company

All of the many benefits of technology in the construction sector are available to construction companies of any size with a reasonable investment that commonly saves money and boosts productivity in the long run. For the technology to have the maximum impact on your company, you should seek out not just a technology supplier, but a technology partner who can walk you through the technology and assist you to use it to full effect.

CCR Tech is a popular, leading technology services partner offering services in BIM optimisation, artificial intelligence (AI) planning and scheduling, construction power BI, construction data capturing, and Autodesk. For more information browse our website or contact our team.